Valued through values

We provide value that goes beyond financial success.

Across generations

Our family setup ensures continuity. Read more about our team.

We do the trade

We personally select and trade the investments for you.

Unique private equity

We have access to exceptional private equity opportunities.


People of character

People of character drive positive change in the world, and we can all learn from their experiences.

People of character stand out because they do not compromise their principles or values.

They have courage, foresight and determination despite competition, or setbacks.

We would like to share with you the stories of three family-owned businesses in Switzerland, their achievements, and the people who build and continue to build them.

We hope the stories of Victorinox, Beyer Chronometrie and Glowbalact will inspire you.


Rectangle grijsWe are an independent, family owned and registered investment advisor providing wealth management services to individuals, entrepreneurs, families and institutional investors. To us, there is more than just delivering performance. We provide value that goes beyond financial success.

Thus, we not merely manage assets for our clients but rather act as stewards, ensure continuity and accompany you through all walks of life. Enjoy a more personal wealth management style … Your style!

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Rectangle grijsWe deploy a proven investment approach, using an innovative option- and value focused strategy. Through this, we generate sustainable returns across generations.

The combination of leveraging growth stocks with a powerful option strategy (also includes contrarian thinking) provides a proven and actionable investment strategy that caters to a variety of market conditions.

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Rectangle blauwOur knowledge and experience in family- and entrepreneurial matters aligned with our financial affinity, uniquely qualifies us to be the stewards of your assets.

Because we personally select and trade the investments, you can rest assured that we relentlessly pursue your interest, since we invest our own money right alongside.

families for families


Rectangle grijsWe pride ourselves serving you as an absolutely independent and family owned wealth manager. With this in mind, we have a long term focus but are able to act swiftly if necessary. This keeps us agile, grounded in our values and focused in our pursuit to building and protecting your wealth.

Through our family and business relationships, we have access to a number of exceptional private equity, real estate and other alternative investment opportunities ranging across industries and international locations.

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Let's have a talk

A great relationship doesn’t need any promises,

terms or conditions.

Just two people who can trust and understand.


Lion and lamb

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